Early Pioneers

James Fairchild, a Brownhelm native and one time President of Oberlin College, wrote these words in 1878 in the History of Lorain County:  

“It is pleasant to believe that the places that are sacred to us with all pleasant memories will be held by our children to an indefinite future. That another people shall come in to whom these farms, and streets, and dwellings are simply so much territory to be appropriated, the life that has passed here all unknown to them, is not an inviting prospect. Yet such is the prospect. Fifty years hence, the faces, and the voices, and the names of strangers will be seen and heard at holiday gatherings and along these streets. The familiar names that seem to us identified with the very face of nature will be heard here no more.”

We will not forget and we will always remember these hardy pioneers that shaped the face of Brownhelm.