The Brownhelm Historical Association, Established 1993.

On March 3, 1993, a group of interested people gathered at the home of Marcia DePalma with the intent of forming a group dedicated to preserving Brownhelm’s rich history.

The following fourteen people were at that first gathering:

Marcia DePalma, Jody Frimel, Ed and Marilyn Brill, Fred and Peg Fillmore, Mary Konick, Melvin Niggle, Lora Wilms, Bonnie Cutcher, Peg New, Don Bechtel, Tracy Lockhart, and Anne Gray.

We have now grown into the Brownhelm Historical Association with 150-plus members.  It was also at that meeting the group had it brought to its attention by the late Mary Konick of a 'lost and forgotten cemetery' on Lake Road.  From these early beginnings formed a strong group of people wanting to ensure the history and become active in the preservation of three historical locations within the township.