Deacon George Wells

Deacon George Wells was born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1797 and arrived in Brownhelm in 1818. He was at the time unmarried. He bought a piece of land on the lake shore, felled a tree, and with a few poles and bark made himself a rude shelter, in which he lived the first summer. Mr. Wells returned to Hartford in 1825, and married Maria Butler, immediately after which he set out with his bride for Brownhelm. Mr. Wells and his wife Maria had 7 children. Daughter Abigail married Frederick H. Bacon, son of Benjamin.  His youngest son Thomas Gallaudet Wells was killed at age 20 at the Battle of South Mountain during the Civil War.  Prior to coming to Brownhelm his sister Anna Wells married John Graham.  Just a few short years after arriving in Brownhelm John died; Anna married Benjamin Bacon, he having been already widowed twice. Deacon Wells and Benjamin were brother-in-laws.  Deacon Wells’ life was occupied at farming and partly at his trade as that of a shoemaker. He died in 1880. 

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