George Bacon, Sr.

George Bacon, Sr. was born in Newton, Massachusetts in 1757, about 7 miles from Boston. His father was a Patriot and as a young man of 17 years old he took part in the famous Boston Tea Party disguised as an Indian. After the war ended, he married Hepzibah Crease in 1784 in Massachusetts and became the parents of George, Jr. Samuel and Benjamin Bacon. In 1818 he followed the migration of people from Massachusetts and Connecticut to settle in Brownhelm.  He was among some of the earliest pioneers and life was hard in those early days. It was hard to start a new life at 61 years old. But like many others they wanted a new opportunity after the Revolutionary War.  George Sr.  lived for 16 years after arriving in Brownhelm. He died July 14, 1834 at 77 years old.

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